It's Magic

WME Magic

Magic is a plugin based framework to enhance editors, so they can be more productive.



- highlight as much problems as we can detect by code and suggests a solution

- enhance the day by day life of the editor

I did most of this code to help me be more efficient and to help Portuguese Community, after that i decided to share with the rest of the Waze Community.


- multi-lingual (not translated to your language? ask your GC to talk to me) (Your GC is lazy? ok ok, hit me)

- country configuration support (Magic can have different behaviours based on country need)

- highlight problems that should be fixed

- enhance the search

- visual changelog

- extra error information when saving

- show alternative road names to quickly detect if the road is disconnected

- habbility to fix some of the issues, locked to a higher rank, based on country configurations

- suggest brand normalization (global or country based), look for spelling errors, simplify words, for segments and places

- enhance user interface by having shortcuts for some specific zooms and switch between feed and magic tab

- enhance MTE (Major Traffic Events) by adding a shortcut and dropdown for quick MTE selection. Multiple segments support

... and a lot of other goodies, check it out ...


- Magic has a dedicated thread on WME Forum, hit here

- you can contribute with suggestions, send a permalink and a description of the problem. We'll try to detect by code and highlight it.

- want magic translated to your language? Send the new strings.

- if you are a developer and know javascript, you can share the code to detect the problem. The license of the code must be at least MIT. The ownership is the community!

- found a bug? Permalink and how to reproduce it, plz.

- we also have a slack group, ask around in your community to be invited to
-- #general : anything related to this project that doesn't fit in other channels
-- #localization : focussed on translating magic to other languages
-- #scripters : developer corner, where developers meet
-- #beta : closed group for now
-- #random : anything you want to talk about outside magic relm


- dbcm (Delfim) - lead developer

- JustinS83

- there are others who can continue maintaining the code

- Source code is MIT licensed

Country Settings Moderators

- country based configs are maintained by these guys:

- dbcm : Portugal, Guinea-Bissau, Macau, Egypt | en pt-PT pt-BR
- xanderb and justins83 : USA | en
- carloslaso : Mexico | es-419
- robindlc : Spain | es
- asterix06 : Italy
- bellhouse, fuchserl : Germany | de
- garparfox - Chile
- dummyd2 - France | fr
- vince1612 - Switzerland | fr
- aureozb - Angola
- gadi and shmupi - Israel | he
- mincho77 - Colombia
- boboga - Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg
- tunisiano187 - Belgium and Luxembourg
- vestigal - Austria
- madnut - Ukraine | uk
- griev0us - Russia
- wazingarch - Bulgaria | bg
- moweeznh - India
- rafacintron - Dominican Republic | es-419
- spookyx - Romania
- boonie - South Africa
- bures - Czech Republic | cs
- biuick84 - Brasil
- elphix - Zambia
- laukinisbriedis - Lithuania
- davide7o - Nepal
- iainhouse - UK
- olestas - Latvia
- creekofjohn - Bosnia Herzegowina
- keihin - Norway
- shahram, BehnamNHappy, behnaam - Iran
- arnoniem, boboga - UAE
- hamilnes - Slovakia | sk
- swm - Sweeden | sv
- wallygt06 - Guatemala, El Salvador, Panamá, Belize
- ituajr - Australia
- juanfelipep and artvictorp - Ecuador
- axel_miami - Belarus | ru
- shrm75 - Iran
- YanisKyr - Ireland
- LeighGr - Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa
- fuchserl - Benin, Croatia, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria
- paulkok_my - Malaysia
- manoeuvre - Canada



Magic depends on Tampermonkey and is only tested on Chrome. We don't support other browsers.

Double check if you are using Google Chrome and verify that Tampermonkey is installed correctly.

Add Magic by following this steps: Open Chrome -> Tampermonkey -> utilities -> url :

If you are on Chrome with Tampermonkey, just click here

!!! On some versions of winbl0w$ and chrome you might need to close all WME tabs before doing the manual install !!!

There is a new version and you want it badly?

Force update by following this steps: Tampermonkey -> Check for userscript updates

remember, you need to reload WME to use the new version

You can also go to settings and change the check interval to Every Day or less

Available Plugins

These are all of the plugins that have been developed in Magic. You may not have all of these available to you, based upon your country/state's settings.

If one of these is not available to you and you would like it enabled, contact your country's moderator.


Unknown Direction Segments
No Speed Limit
All arrows red
Segments overlapping
No way IN
No way OUT
Normalize venues
Parking lots as Points
Normalize roads
No connection
Roundabouts breaking routing
Segments connected with an angle < 30°
Parking lots over each other
Bad Emojis : Emojis are a great visual kandy but Waze Map lacks of support for a lot of them. These work: ⛽️ ♿️
Segment breaking routing : Segments in between two high rank roads with lower ranking
Geometry nodes too close : You might find some geometry nodes under segment nodes that will create aggressive turns
Normalize City: Follow the same principal as normalize venues and roads, but with specific rules for cities



City with only 1 segment
Unnamed Places (landmarks)
Duplicated Google Places
Small (less than 5m) segments
Places without address
Street name is too long : Long street names break the UI, forcing the balloon to be out of the segment
Wrong road type in Gas Station : You should use parking lot road type in Gas Stations
Segment on wrong city/state : Based on Gouvernment data, this should be fixed (State or City)
HOWTO: load KML files on WME Geometries
- Portugal, Cascais [neighborhoods]
- USA [states]
House Number missing on street : There's a house number in the venue that is not in the street


Segment not protected
Place not protected
Big Place, no Entries : Big Places usually are surrounded by several roads, if you don't specify an entry point, Waze might not suggest the correct place to stop


Unnamed Segments
Unneeded junction
Freeway segments with city name
Unnudged RPP


Non-driveable 2 driveable
Disability parking
Cargo parking
Charging parking
Interchange over each other : look for roundabout landmark over each other


Show alternative names
Visual search
Toll road
Difficult node
Unpaved segment
Routing preference
Headlights required : highlight segments with the headlights reminder
Segments with empty street name : Highlights segments that does not have a street name
Segments with empty city name : Highlights segments that does not have a city name
Venue with multiple entries : Easy to validate what venues has multiple entries
Segments with average speed camera : Easy to validate what segments with avegare speed camera
Show Speed Signs : as editors continue to edit and fine tune map, it's important to know where exactly speed signs are in the map. This plugin looks for comments with the following template and design a speed limit sign in the map. Sinal XXX, Sign XXX, Radar XXX (if the comment has only a number, this plugin will also display a speed limit sign)


Show changelog
Show Save Errors
Enhance MTE
Highlight Components : You can give HL through query string
(supported params: hl_id [html id to look for], hl_value [html option to HL], hl_color [HL text color], hl_bgcolor [DL background color])
Lanes : highlight segments with lanes
Gravatar avatar : show your Gravatar instead of standard rank avatar
Show Live Usernames : show on the all all user usernames, good for mapraids


Q: Your "script" is bloated. Too many features.
R: I've been helping and developing over WME for a while and it's very hard to maintain a lot of different scripts and specially, deosn't makes sense to say to a newcomer to install big number of "scripts". It's only one, focused on avoiding problems and enhancing the interface. And having each country normalized base on their needs.

Q: Why you obfuscated your code? Didn't you said the code is MIT licensed?
R: Waze and GCs suffer from time 2 time a rogue event and want to be sure that the most powerfull scripts are complex enough to reverse. Yeah yeah, i know, everything is possible...

Q: If you go rogue, what happens to magic?
R: I'm not the only one that have the code, someone after me can continue the essay.

Q: If you go rogue, what happens to your code?
R: DUDE!!! I already answered this...

Q: How about merging your feature X with WME itself?
R: Waze Dev Team have knowledge of Magic, they can have the code. I'm happy to support less code :)

Q: Who can publish the public version?
R: To control what goes to public users, only the main developer (dbcm) can publish this version.

Q: Who can publish the beta version?
R: The beta version (available to GCs and beta team) is compiled automatically (it's built when someone updates Magic sheets).

42! \o/


?? WME Magic for country config maintainers

Column "Enabled" : turn on/off the plugin option
Column "Default" : used for auto-fix and messages/URls for the editors

_howto : message explaining why this should be fixed
_howto_url : wazeopedia URL explaining in more detail
_plugin : is this plugin enabled in your country?
_text : tooltip over the title
_title : plugin title

HIGHER_CONNECTION: means that will get the highest rank of the connecting segments.
- good for ramps connected to freeways and other stuff
- good for roundabouts
- good for gas stations. if they are on a freeway, they'll have the same lock

how to translate?

- add #lang to any option named above on _defaults sheet
- translations should be on the _default sheet so anyone in any country with that language get the translation
- this field support translation:
- _title - text shown on magic tab
- _text - text shown when you mouse over _title
- _howto - text shown when you select a object with problems